Top 7 Reasons to Try Spinning

reasons to try spinning

If you’re looking for a new workout to burn tons of calories, then you should give spinning classes a go.

A lot of people think spinning classes are a workout that’s just too hard. That’s a huge misconception because actually spinning is a low-impact exercise that has lots of benefits. Let’s have a look at top 7 reasons why you should try spinning.

1. You Burn a Ton of Calories

Spinning is a HIIT exercise, which means it has all the benefits HIIT training offers. The main advantage of high intensity exercises is that you keep burning calories for hours after your workout. This is perfect for anyone on a weight loss quest!

2. Spinning Is a Low Impact Exercise

If you’re a beginner at the gym, are recovering from an injury or a surgery, or simply want to take it slowly, spinning is perfect for you. It’s a low impact exercise that doesn’t put your body under too much stress while it does its job at helping you get fitter. You control the intensity of your workout and there is never a danger of falling off the bike or colliding with another cyclist.

3. Your Body Produces Happy Hormones

Like a lot of other types of workouts, spinning makes your body release endorphins, the happy hormones. That’s why most people say that they feel a lot better and happier after a nice spinning workout. True, you’ll leave the gym physically tired but your brain will be singing with happiness.

4. Spinning Increases Cardiovascular Fitness

The term “cardiovascular fitness” refers to your body’s ability to send oxygenated blood to the muscles. Your heart, lungs, and blood cells are responsible for that. The better your cardiovascular fitness, the healthier you will feel and the easier it will be for you to move and stay active.

5. Burn Fat Faster

Spinning increases your body’s metabolism and helps it to burn calories faster. It also helps you to increase your lean muscle mass and burn away the dreaded fat.

6. You Become Healthier

Like any other regular exercise, spinning strengthens your body. But that’s not all – it also improves your cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of heart disease, and boosts your endurance.

7. You Improve Your Focus

Some say spinning is monotonous. That’s true but let’s look at it from a different point of view. When in a spinning class, it’s easy to lose the concept of time and fully focus on exercising. It’s a bit like an active meditation when your body and brain work in perfect balance.

Did we convince you to start spinning today? Join us at Gulf Coast Fitness today!

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