Top 10 Fitness Apps for 2019

top fitness apps 2019

Fitness apps are great because they help you to keep exercising even when you can’t go to the gym regularly. The App Store and Google Play have thousands of fitness apps available for download. With all that choice available, which one should you choose? We’ve had a look at lots of apps and compiled a list of top 10 fitness apps for 2019.

1. 8fit

If you’re looking for an all-round health and fitness app that covers workouts and healthy eating, 8fit is exactly what you need. The app will create a fitness and a meal plan based on your goals. The cool bit is that 8fit adjusts the plans based on your stats and you can fine-tune it better than any other fitness app. 8fit is free (basic edition) and it’s available for iOS and Android.

2. Sworkit

If you have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to go to the gym (although come on, you always find the time to watch Netflix!), Sworkit is the app you’ve been looking for. With its help you can create customized workouts and stay true to your targets. It doesn’t matter whether the workout is 40 minutes or less than 10, Sworkit will help you exercise regularly and stay fit. The app is available for free for iOS and Android.

3. Nike+ Run Club

Runners will appreciate what the Nike+ Run Club app offers. It helps you to plan your workouts to build strength, improve your endurance, track your runs with GPS, and challenge yourself. The app includes audioguides for beginners and even personalized coaching plans. You can download it for free for iOS or Android.

4. Fitbod

For those who do strength training, Fitbod will help to plan workouts. You can use it at the gym where it will act as your personal trainer and tell you what to do. You can also use it at home to work on all groups of muscles. The best thing about this app is that it learns from your past workouts and thus lets you create a truly personalized training plan. Fitbod is available for free for iOS only.

5. Keelo

Keelo for iOS and Android is the perfect app for HIIT enthusiasts. It recommends very intense and fast-paced workouts. It offers you to use both your bodyweight and free weights, which makes it easy for you to maintain the three-workouts-a-week target.

6. Aaptiv

If you’re good with audio instructions and like to combine your personal fitness app trainer’s instructions with your favorite music, try Aaptiv. This app asks you to take a short quiz to find out what your fitness goals are, and then it will set you up with workouts that suit you best (outside, at home, or at a gym). You can download the app for free for iOS or Android.

7. Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a cool app that encompasses 1,000+ workouts for you to choose from. It’s an app with in-app purchases but it’s worth the money because it acts like your personal trainer. There’s a choice of 15+ programs, from yoga to HIIT, and you can sync the app with Apple TV, Roku, and other streaming devices. The app is available for iOS and Android.

8. TRX

As you can see from the app’s name, it’s a workout helper for those who’re into TRX training. It has lots of training videos that will help you make the most of your TRX machine. If you have an Apple Watch, you can sync the app with it and get your workout stats. There also are social media sharing options. You can use the app on an iPhone or an Android device.

9. Strava

This app is great for runners and cyclists. It tracks your workouts via GPS and analyzes all kinds of stats. Strava includes social features too – you can join challenges, share photos, and view your friends’ activities. This app is free (there are in-app purchases) and you can use it on iOS or Android.

10. QuickFit

The QuickFit app is a great fit for those who are time-pressed. It offers you complete workouts that last from 4 to 15 minutes. Exercise with the app regularly and the pressure of finding time to go to the gym will be gone. QuickFit is free and you can use it on your iPhone or Android phone.

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