How to Keep Fit During the Covid Lockdown

Do you miss going to your favorite gym regularly because it’s been closed because of the COVID-19 quarantine? We hear you! While going to the gym offers fantastic health benefits, it’s definitely not a safe place during a pandemic. But the good news is that you can still keep fit during the lockdown thanks to tons of amazing fitness classes that became available for free online. You can find these classes pretty much everywhere – on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook thanks to famous instructors giving live workouts, and more (here’s a very detailed blog post with lots of streaming classes for you to watch).

In addition to online classes, here are a few simple tips that will help you stay fit and healthy while stuck at home.

Keep Active

COVID-19 has lowered the everyday activity level of some people to nearly zero. If you’re self-isolating, you’re not allowed out and have to stay at home. If you have a yard, then you’re lucky because you can exercise there. Even a courtyard will do for a quick fitness routine outside. But if you’re stuck inside, then it’s imperative to keep coming up with small physical activities to help you keep fit. These include walking briskly, going up and down the stairs several times, and improvising with weights (improvise to find weights in your house – milk, oil, even family-size shampoo will do)!

Maintain a Healthy Diet

I know, I know! It’s ever so tempting to binge-watch Netflix, drink beer or smoothies, and enjoy your favorite snacks! It sounds like fun but it won’t get you any fitter or healthier. Try to stick to a healthy meal plan and don’t forget to take your usual supplements. And if you crave snacks, have a look at these super-easy and healthy snack recipes.

Drink Water

Another way to stay fit and healthy during lockdown is to remember to drink enough water. This sounds obvious but you’d be amazed at how many people are neglecting water in favor of coffee. However, coffee actually dehydrates your body and makes you use the bathroom more often. So, here’s a rule for you to keep – drink a glass of water right after drinking a cup of coffee.

Don’t Change Your Routine

Even if you don’t have to go to work every day, you shouldn’t change your routine and stay up very late every night. Maintain your usual schedule as much as possible and avoid sleeping in. That way your body won’t have to re-adjust to the routine when things are back to normal.

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